CC2530+PA ZigBee Module

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T30PA127F2.4G zigbee module with PA chip, is one CE and FCC certified  typical cost effective 2.4GHz zigbee wireless solution,which based TI CC2530 Zigbee RFchip technology, adopted standard IEEE 802.15.4 protocol. feature with tiny size,high performance and lower cost, very suit for every smart home automation applications, like as zigbee gateway,smart zigbee dimmer, zigbee relay, zigbe smoke alarms, zigbee remote controllers…


As a common wireless solution, cc2530 zigbee module also with ultra super low power consumption ability, can support standard Zstack3.0 or customized stack.easily to establish a mesh network in very short time,it might be end-device, router, or coordinator via our current developed data transimit firmware if for long distance data transmit purpose,That will be one of best choice of Iot solution.

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Product Description

-   Chipset: TI cc2530rhar+pa
-   Model Number: T30PA127F2.4G
-   Protocol:ZigBee 3.0/standard zstack
-   Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
-   Max.trasnsit distance:800meters(Ipex)
-   Frequency:2405MHz-2480MHz
-   Supply Voltage: 2.0V~3.6V
-   Operating Temperature:-40℃~+85℃
-   Product Name:CE&FCC Certified
-   Warranty:One Year
-   Brand Name: ENNFU
-   Application: IOT data transmit,iot gateway

CC2530 ZigBee Diagram

CC2530 ZigBee Module diagram

PCB Layout


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